Clone vs. Seed

Farming is all about predictability. Clones are more uniform in growth habit, potency, yield, water and nutrient needs than those grown from seed. No Male Plants = No Pollen. Growing from plug also ensures a quicker finish for the farmer.


Our growing medium is infused with binders, mycorrhiza, and coconut coir to ensure the health of our cuttings. Our plugs are housed in a state-of-the-art fog house using reverse osmosis and injection fed irrigation.

Our Mothers

Our mother plants are meticulously attended to using organic treatments and fertilizers. We scout regularly and sanitize between plants to avoid spreading plant pathogens. Having healthy mothers means having healthy plugs.

Hemp's Dirty Secret

There's a skeleton in hemp's closet. It's virus. Virus is all over the industry, and no one is talking about it....but we are. Threat of virus is real, and we take it seriously. So seriously that we scrapped $600,000 worth of mother plants and started over. We've learned from our experiences, and today our production plants are broken into lots, each traceable back to the mother. Our plants are tested regularly, cleanliness is key, and we've implemented operating procedures to avoid making the same mistake again.