Test Garden- Week 4

It's been four weeks since we planted out our test garden, and we are already beginning to see major phenological variation among the strains.

Some strains seem to burst with life the moment they hit our soil-- they root in well and the vegetative growth takes off. There is noticeable difference in their size, and the new growth is healthy and bushy.

Other strains are slower to acclimate. They have put on new growth, but are about half the size of nearby plants. Can't say we blame them-- average temps have been in the triple digits this week. Size isn't everything, and we will continue to monitor and report their progress.

In other news, we have been meeting with local hemp farmers and processors for the past couple of weeks, and we've opened up dialogue about what's important for both sides of the industry. We've learned a lot. Both farmers and processors have experienced road blocks in the supply chain, but everyone agrees that this is to be expected in a budding industry. It's fair to say everyone is still cautiously optimistic about the hemp industry here in Arizona.

Interested in taking a tour of our facility? We would be happy to show you around and talk hemp. Shoot us an email and let's schedule a date!

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