Seed Grown vs. Clone

Hi there-- hope everyone is having a great week! Our plants in the test garden are really starting to develop and there are noticeable differences between rows that are planted from seed plug versus rows grown from cloned plug.

This is a picture of a hemp row that was planted from cloned plug. You can see that the plants are all generally uniform in size and growth habit. You will also notice that all plants survived the transplant and are healthy.

Keep in mind that there are no soil amendments in this garden as well. We simply tilled a section of our property, installed drip irrigation, and started planting. We want to see how these plants fare with little or no human intervention.

The plants were installed week 18 and continue to put on new growth as we head into the monsoon season. It will be interesting to see how hemp reacts to our unique weather patterns this time of year.

The picture above is a hemp row that was planted from seed plug and the genetic variation is pretty obvious. Some big, some small, some dead, and that's just from a phenological perspective. Imagine other genetic differences in these plants that we can't see-- yield, potency, nutritional needs, inherit pest resistance....the list goes on.

From our conversations with farmers and processors, the need for consistency in this crop has repetitively resonated. Farmers want consistency in the crop's biotic needs, while processors want consistency in the crop's metabolites. Seeing is believing in this situation, and the best solution for consistency in the crop is to plant from clonal plugs.

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