New Faces

It has been busy down on the farm these past couple of weeks! We've been giving hemp tours and meeting new farmers and processors each day. It's been such a pleasure to meet everyone to learn about the different businesses and about the cannabis industry as a whole.

Our visitors are often surprised when they arrive. "I didn't even know this place existed" or, "wow, this is a big operation" are usually the first things they say. We walk through the farm and share our stories. We visit a super to peek in on the production mothers. We swing by the test garden to discuss soil, nutrients, and weather extremes. The tours typically take a detour at the potting shed or loading dock, but they always end at the propagation house where we see mechanized propagation in action. They snap photos of the plants, processes, and infrastructure. Sure, they learn a lot about what we do, but the insight they provide us with is mutually beneficial.

As the weeks roll on and the plants continue to grow, we continue to collect information and data about hemp for the Southwest. Although hemp is just one plant in our portfolio, it's an important plant because it impacts the lives of so many individuals. Plus, it's a really unique plant that has so much potential to replace and improve current practices in medicine, construction, textiles, and more. We are looking forward to the weeks ahead and to helping make this a sustainable industry for Arizona!

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