It's Testing Day!

Each week we test our flowering mothers, and today we are sending biomass samples to our local laboratory to analyze cannabinoids and terpenes for COAs. We use this data to track the progression of each strain and to better understand the lifespan of each plant. Each strain is different-- some strains mature more quickly than others, and this information is vital for farmers. The more we know about these strains, the better equipped we are to facilitate the hemp industry throughout the Southwest.

In addition to cannabinoid and terpene testing for COAs, we also send biomass from our mothers to a partner laboratory for virus testing. Our goal is to produce strains that are high in CBD or CBG, proven to thrive in our environment, and are virus free. The plants are tested for multiple viruses including Hop Latent Virus, Mosaic Viruses, Ringspot Viruses, and others-- all of which have the ability to reduce crop yield for farmers. Experience has taught us that these viruses are everywhere. They can be found in seed or plug, and even the most reputable hemp companies aren't immune.

The more we know, the better we can grow. Have a great weekend and we look forward to next week's update!

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