Breaking Ground

Ground has broken and leveled in anticipation of our 1-acre industrial hemp test garden. This week we will install a fence, irrigation system, and till the existing soil so that it can receive 1,500 hemp plugs in near future.

We know hemp grows well in the Southwest. We have plenty of sun, few pests, and no mold issues, but we want to know which strains are the best. Sure, many popular strains of Cannabis have been grown in Oregon and North Carolina, but which of these cultivars are better suited for our hot dry climate? Our goal is to gather critical information on maturity, yield, and harvest for dozens and dozens of strains.

We will trial strains traditionally grown across the continent-- including popular CBD and CBG varieties. Some plants won’t make it, and that’s okay because others will thrive and we will all be the wiser. By October, after we’ve isolated the winners, our propagation team will put best CBD and CBG varieties into production for 2021.

Stay tuned for regular updates on our trial garden and breeding program at Civano Hemp!

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