A Battle of the Elements

Ask most people and they will tell you-- June is the best month of the year. School is out, summer is in full swing, people take vacations or host family BBQs, pool parties, fresh corn on the cob, juicy watermelon, and so on.

However, June can be a real trial for a farmer and their crop. Especially here in the desert Southwest where the weather is extremely hot, humidity is extremely low, and the days are long. June is a real test of weather extremes, and there's nothing like these extreme elements that force crops to show their true colors.

Case in point-- this strain of industrial hemp. It was actually our pick of the litter when we started growing it in the greenhouse. It had primo upright and dense growth. The yield was high, and the potency tested extremely well. We were certain that this strain would be a winner moving forward, so we decided to add it to our trial garden about a month ago.

And this is what that same strain looks like today in our trial garden. The strain reacts completely differently when planted in the ground in Arizona. It simply can not handle the elements. The plant shown here is entirely scorched, but not from the sun. This is actually wind burn. Wind burn wasn't the culprit we were expecting, but it's proving to be a real test for hemp.

What else is different? Substrate is a huge factor. Our greenhouse plants were grown in high quality, high porosity substrate-- nothing like the crap soils found here in Arizona. While sunlight and heat play a major role too, we've noticed that most plants don't mind the heat as long as they are being properly watered.

The photo above is of a row (strain) of hemp that is showing real promise when planted in-ground in our trial garden. Notice the strain to the right doesn't look great.

Long story short-- it's easy to breed hemp strains for indoor growing operations. But that's not what we are doing here. Our goal is to find the BEST strains for farmers growing outdoors throughout the arid Southwest in the WORST conditions. The trials continue.....

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